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Learning New Software

May 2023

This quarter has been transformative for me. I always seek to push myself beyond my comfort zone, and the class inspiring this post did just that. This class was all about the intersection of architecture and technology - what types of software can be used in a professional environment. We were lucky enough to be taught by a professional architect from a studio downtown, so her insights were valuable and the class centered around realism. Unfortunately, our university has a partnership with Rhino, and teaching that was a core requirement in this class. Our professor, however, mentioned that Rhino is almost never actually used in professional practice, and made sure to include Bluebeam, Revit, Photoshop, and more in our curriculum.

For better or for worse, I often seek to take classes that center around professional practice, since I'm not much of a design person as much as a logical, career-based person. This class taught me a lot about professional practice. In our projects, we studied existing buildings and their construction and designs, and then recreated them ourselves. This led to us creating various collages in photoshop, using Enscape for various renders, using rhino to create models, and bluebeam to assemble everything.

I hadn't used photoshop since 6th grade, and had never opened bluebeam or rhino. As we learned everything in just a few weeks, I'm not particularly proud of the collages, models, and final products that I made in this class, to be completely honest. That said, I'm proud of myself for doing it. I tried to push myself out of the box, creating things that I otherwise wouldn't have, and looking at detail that I otherwise wouldn't have taken into account. The work that I did was truly about the journey more than the product, and I hope to have more experiences like this soon. Thank you for joining me.