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Revisiting New York

December 2021

In August, I moved to Seattle (read about that here). This December was my first trip back to New York to see my family and my cats since moving out here. Thanks to technology, I stay connected with my family quite well, but my cats I missed so dearly. That said, it's always such a joy being back with my family in New York, and this trip I got to see some amazing things. My grandmother from my mom's side was visiting, who I hadn't seen in a while, so we explored New York City a fair bit -- we visited the new projects at Hudson Yards, since we hadn't beforehand, and walked the highline down to Little Island. We went up to New Canaan and visited Grace Farms, a gorgeous architectural structure on a former farm that now serves as a community hub with a performing space, library, sunk-into-the-ground sports court, and a little room with free tea! It was a short trip, but joyful, and I want to go back again soon.

I'm taking this opportunity to also bundle in a few older pictures of the city -- some old pictures on my way to a tour of the Freedom Tower a few years after it opened, and a chapel from walking around downtown shortly before the pandemic. New York City can be very pretty, and very ugly, but there's a lot of gems to catch in New York and the surrounding area.