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Moving to Seattle

August 2021

This month, I packed my bags and moved across the country. I left my hometown in New York and moved to Seattle, leaving my family and many of my posessions behind. That sounds dramatic. Really, I just moved to Seattle to go to University here. It wasn't anything against my family, but I really just wanted to experience a different world, an unfamiliar place, and I really, really didn't want to live in an on-campus dorm (which most on the East Coast required for the first 1-2 years of university). I moved into my own apartment here in Seattle with a roommate from university I found online. My parents helped me to move here, bring my bags over, and buy all new things, and we enjoyed spending time together before they flew back.

Though it was scary, especially as at the time of moving I'm still a minor, I don't regret a thing. Seattle is beautiful, and it's continually growing -- though it's expensive (why, of all the places, did I move from somewhere expensive to somewhere just as expensive?) -- there are so many opportunities to shift the future of the city here, and to live an incredible life. Everything keeps growing -- more trains running, more stations opening, more buildings built -- and I can't wait to see this city shift as the years go on. Anyone else in the area, please reach out, I'd love to make your acquaintance. Thank you, Seattle, for being my new home.