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New Site Launched

August 2023

Hello world! Welcome to my new website. It seems like I rework my website every year, but this feels like a more solid version of a site that I'm likely to keep around for a while. It iterates on my previous site with a very basic one-page primary layout, but improves on it with a more efficient back-end and a far more modern, responsive, and aesthetic front-end that's better suited for 2023. No longer will I have an incredibly narrow central column, struggle to upgrade deprecated carousel frameworks, and pixel peep at pixelated background images. I can now embrace the beauty that is a sleek, clean, gray background. It almost reminds me of an old site I made for the Better Together minecraft update. This site, however, loads a whole lot faster.

Perhaps the best part of this is the posts page, as you're reading right now. At the time of writing this in 2023, the internet sits in a time of immense turmoil. Twitch is making crazy changes, twitter is... well, it's not even called Twitter anymore. Reddit's effectively killed third party apps, and our overlords at Meta are trying to dominate the text-based web in the world of twitter-fallout by creating an app so troublesome that it's not available in the EU. The internet is no longer run by small people, but is in the hands of large corporations and billionaires, many of whom seek to find profit in a social network, of all places. So, I've created this as a blog. It's not just a place where I can share my "online portfolio" but somewhere I can write a blog like it's 2010. We'll see how this goes.