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Midsummer Hikes

July 2023

Hello again. It's been an absolutely crazy summer so far. Class for me ended at the start of June, and my internship this summer began just after Mid-June. I finished all of my assignments for class early, cramming my final projects together, just so I could go to see my family in New York for 2 weeks. The internship began and I had to adjust to a 8-5 schedule -- side note, no one tells you it's 8-5. Everyone says 9-5, but lunch breaks aren't paid, so it's technically 8-5. It's so much worse. Anyway, as the internship ran on and ramped up, I was making plans with friends and family, particularly with family in Vancouver to visit them. I wasn't sure for what or when, but we made it happen.

My Aunt and Uncle are up there, they were free for 2 weekends. One of those weekends was the Oakridge Season 12 dragon fight, so my Vancouver trip was on the other weekend. I took the train up on a Thursday Night after Work (that was chaos in itself) and it was sold out. On a Thursday night. Amtrak, do better. The train ride was pleasant, but I still had no idea of our plans. It turned out, we hiked all weekend. On Friday, we went to a Trainwreck near Whistler and to Nairn Falls. On Saturday, we hiked on the hills behind the peaks of suburban development. On Sunday, we visited Mt. Baker, or whatever the mountain is that we end up on. We decided to walk the TableTop Mountain Hike, which was absolutely gorgeous, and I recommend it to you all. I may revisit this to describe it in more detail in the future, but for now, farewell!