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Fire Station Proposal

December 2022

At last, I'm learning about Architecture! Sure, I took some introductory studios and history classes last year, but this quarter I truly dove into it. Every class is related to my true passions, and I now have a cohort to stick with me for the next two years. In this, my first quarter in architecture, myself being myself, I dove right into a class far above my skill level. Is anyone surprised? This class teaches Revit, the industry standard program for architecture. Most of the students were graduate students, with only 4 people of my class standing in it.

At the time, the pace was intense, for learning such a massive program with such a steep learning curve. Now, I feel like I could have done much more. The entire quarter was centered around the development of a Fire Station in a 3 person group (where I, knowing myself, did the most -- my teammates claimed they were busy, as if I wasn't). We developed massing studies, built a structure, ensured program requirements, and developed sheets and documents. I found it fun, but tedious at the time -- you don't want a program going wrong when you're on a time crunch, but that's what it did at that time. Peeking behind the curtain, I'm writing this months after it was supposed to be written, and I now know that these revit skills set the foundation for months more work and simplified many later projects. I'm glad I took this class when I did, hard as it was for me to do with 0 knowledge. Onwards!