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2022 Site Refresh

October 2022

My old website felt, well, kind of cringy, so I made this instead! [Note: Isn't it ironic that that site's now been replaced? Admittedly, not because of cringe this time but because of crappy design.] This post is an archive of the core content of this refresh.

Aspiring Architect Though my work in the field to date is limited, my architectural skills and knowledge continue to grow and evolve. I recently participated in a partnership with local organizations focusing on affordable housing, zoning in the area, and more.

Minecrafter Since minecraft first released on the web, I've been playing it! I've developed plugins for it, mods, server software, and become a builder in the game. Minecraft is a big reason why I'm now becoming an architect. I also co-own the Oakridge Survival Unhinged realm, which you can apply to here! View My Builds

Climate Work My current job is at an organization dedicated to reducing embodied carbon. I'm currently conducting some research on the subject, while working on the organization's administrative tasks and engaging with their community. In the past, I've led research projects on aquatic metals and mosses, and written some research papers on the topic.

Photographer I am not a professional photographer! Despite that, I love taking pictures -- of buildings, landscapes, anything. Taking photos of architecture is incredibly important for interpreting the world and its features. This is particularly handy for visualizing perspectives, angles, and more. See My Photos

Programmer My programming career began after co-founding BoxOfDevs, now a collaborative community of over 100 members, and setting up online forums for other groups. Presently, I work on small websites, and I'm expanding my SEO skills at my climate work position. I'm working towards learning other languages a well, including python and C++. BoxOfDevs Discord