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2022 Summer Recap

September 2022

The summer of 2022 is coming to a close, and this was an absolutely crazy summer for me. It started with the hassle of housing, where I ended up 40 minutes bus away from the University because I needed a 3 month lease before my next place in September and nowhere else wanted to do a 3 month lease. Getting a last-minute internship partnering my university with one of the biggest real estate companies in the region... focusing on affordable housing and inequities? That's not something I expected, just to start. Then, with the canadian border opened, I finally got to see my cousins from Vancouver for the first time in like... 8 years. Maybe less. On one of my weekends off from work, they picked me up and we drove down to Mount St. Helens, where it was incredibly hot but absolutely astounding to drive around and witness. They dropped me back that same day.

After my internship wrapped up, I went on some major trips. First was with my Mom and sister to California, starting in San Diego and slowly moving up the coast. We spent a night in SD itself in a small AirBnB on the beach, and then drove an hour north to a full house AirBnB for another few days. From there, we went on day trips through UCSD and nearby Unis, up the PCH (Highway 1) to Santa Barbara and Malibu and more (yes, it was very far!), to Joshua Tree National Park (also far -- we got back late, but I desperately wanted to get some shots of the starry sky from there, and back to San Diego with its adorable sea lions before leaving. It was so pretty, but I'm not sure I could live there with every day feeling the exact same.

Then, with my Mom and Sister we flew back to New York, and then with my Dad and sister we did a driving trip through the Northeast. First we spent a night near the Breakers in Rhode Island, looking at the weekend-vacation mansions of the families of railroad tycoons of the 19th century. Everything was huge, lavish, gold, and absolutely beautiful along the water. We then drove up to Boston where we stayed a few nights, walking around Harvard and MIT (they weren't nearly as pretty as I expected) and exploring downtown Boston in a long, incredibly hot walking day. To wrap up, we drove through the cities on our way home, including a few in Connecticut (Hartford!).

After all these trips, I went back to Seattle and moved apartments (again!) into what I hope will be my home for another few years, not having to move again soon. Here I am now, writing this recap and realizing just how crazy the summer's been. I don't expect many more of these to come in life, and I'll stay grateful for what I have. Thank you for joining me on my adventures.