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Oakridge S9 Recap

November 2021

Oakridge Season 9 is hands down my best season of Oakridge ever, by far. Over the pandemic, moving to Seattle, all at the height of my free time as a nearly-adult, I got to build a city. With very little architectural knowledge but a lot of hopes and dreams, I designed this city pulling together a handful of original builds and some from other creators (like Keralis' shipping port!). I started off over the water and expanded to cover an entire island, and later merged into the forested bases of 5 (!) other people who had since gone inactive or left the realm.

As ever, a reminder that Oakridge is a survival bedrock realm that you can apply to here, and it has both main bases and "Satellite bases" which is our term for builds that aren't your main base. This season, I focused largely on my city itself and didn't create nearly as many satellites as in past seasons, but I did create a large temple that I loved to see looming past spawn town's border. Since the city was my main feature, I also want to use this post as an opportunity to highlight my favorite satellite from Season 8, which didn't get its own feature post -- Dragon and Castle. I first built the castle from a vague reference but largely improvised it, and then built the mountain that it stood on. It felt isolated, so I cleaned up the village at the foot of the mountain, but it needed something in the air in front of it. I built a floating wizard's tower, which felt too small, so I made the wizard summon a giant dark dragon to try to burn down the castle, creating a gorgeous still frame. Hope this gives some inspiration to you!