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Oakridge S7 Recap

December 2020

Season 7 is "the pandemic season", and it showed. I look back on it now, and I realize -- of course I built "the outside", it's what we were craving at the time. I had a lot of fun with projects this season -- I wanted to learn new skills in the game, focusing more on large standalone structures, terraforming, and improving my redstone. My main base is a mountain island to cover my guardian farm, with a forested pond and some plains nearby to wrap it up. I never quite finished my mountain from the back spawn view, but from the front it looks good (Grian influence or something).

I also built a huge teleport hub in an ocean, as a standalone structure to see if it feels good alone -- some better surrounding integration would have helped, in hindsight. As a reminder, Oakridge is a mildly modified Survival bedrock realm that you can apply to here, and it uses teleports to get around to your main base and to satellites (smaller builds that aren't your main base). As different satellites, I also built an eco dome for tree farming and a fully automatic storage system categorizor. For fun, I've also included a picture of this season's spawn town, where plots were on their own little islands -- not my favorite spawn, but a fun experiment for inspiration.