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Oakridge S6 Recap

March 2020

Wow I built a lot this season, didn't I? This season was fun, I had a lot of time as all I was doing this summer was work in a lab sometimes. I built something like 15-20 satellites by the end of it, which you can access if you apply to Oakridge: Survival Unhinged here and get accepted. It's a survival, application-only realm -- all base and satellite (satellites are sub-bases) work is done in survival. To showcase today, I want to point out my main city, which was done in a drained ocean monnument and expanded on my city ideas that I didn't get to execute in Season 4.

When I was bored of working on my main city, I made a ton of satellites, notably a small keep in a flower forest to test my detailing ability, a floating village to test basic build styles (this is loved by architecture fans, for some reason), some sewers deep underground inspired by a Jeracraft video somewhere, and a big contribution to our halloween district where we played hermitcraft-inspired Demise and other games.