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Oakridge S4 Recap

February 2019

I don't showcase Minecraft very often so I'll show some here! These are all from Oakridge: Survival Unhinged, the main survival realm I play on, which you can apply to here. To start with, we have my base from last season. A description of it can be found on this post's equivalent twitter thread here. This was a big step up in my base size from anything I've ever done before, and it took so many resources but was an incredible amount of fun to make!

This post is translated from Twitter and on there I also showcased one of my first major terraforming projects from Season 5. Season 5 was on a map made by Joe from Aurafall Studios custom for Oakridge. Some of the mountains on this island were already there, but the whole island was re-terraformed by me with custom trees, landscape, water features, and a house. This was my first step into a "mega base" inspired by hermitcraft, and I hope it inspires some of you, too!